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GE to Open $1B Global Software Center in East SF Bay Area

New Center at Bishop Ranch Business Park Aimed at Integrating GE’s Software Development Efforts

By Randyl Drummer

GE has announced plans to open a Global Software Center to be headquartered at the 585-acre Bishop Ranch Business Park in San Ramon, CA.

As described by GE, the new “nerve center” in the East San Francisco Bay Area for the company’s global software developers and engineers will employ about 400 software professionals.

GE leased 225,000 square feet and should be in its new offices at Bishop Ranch 3 by mid-2012, said Ed Hagopian, executive vice president with Sunset Development, the developer of Bishop Ranch.

“This is a brand-new operation. These are new hires. It’s employment growth; it’s a big win for the community,” Hagopian said in a statement.

Veteran GE Vice President Bill Ruh will lead the centralized software initiative, which will connect and align the more than 5,000 GE software professionals.

GE has for years produced software that helps customers ranging from operators of power plants and electric vehicle charging stations to jet engines, locomotives and medical systems around the world. The goal of the new operation is to develop a new generation of intelligent systems that can predict and respond to changes, Ruh explained.

“These digital offerings will harness and automatically analyze the petabytes of data that are generated by industrial equipment to help our customers get the most value from their assets,” he said. “All of this activity will occur on the ‘industrial Internet,’ a living network of intelligent machines and systems.”

GE architects and engineers at the San Ramon center will collaborate with its global experts from multiple industries to develop software solutions.

Design work on the new center is under way with construction beginning by the end of the year. Employees will begin moving into the new center in mid-2012.

GE has previously opened two large software operations over the past two years. The Advanced Manufacturing and Software Technology Center near Detroit employs nearly 1,000 GE Information Technology employees who develop software for GE’s internal operations, while the Information Security Technology Center near Richmond, VA, houses high-tech teams specializing in cyber security among other data functions.

Read entire CoStar article here.

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